Seek Knowledge

Seek Knowledge

From the Cradle to the Grave,

Knowledge seeks and wisdom crave;

Shrubs of envy, thorns of odds,

With thy wings O, Eagle shave;

Cliffs that lead to lofty peaks,

With thy leaps O, Tiger pave;

Be to ups and downs of life,

Surging, swelling, sweeping wave;

Adam as knew Names of all Things,

Rose he Master, all else slave;

Jars of soul with scrolls of wisdom,

Fill O, Inmates of the cave;

Shake thy hands with ‘non-terrestrials’,

Let the stars your banners waive;

Go ahead, climb up, and dive,

Faith and Love is thy stave;

Clings to necks what tends to fly,

Of deeds making backs concave;

Leaves its scar on ‘self’ for good,

What you think, what you behave;

Learn from what befell Tsunami,

And Kashmir whose mounts did wave;

As if they were tides to prove:

Life-throne rests on moody wave;

With the Zamzam of Compassion,

Stones of hatred melt and lave;

To the flute of Love be mute,

Let the ravens roam and rave;

Lust and greed breed germs of war,

Put thy horse in reason’s trave;

War erases what peace raises,

Peace doth free, and wars enslave;

“War is folly, peace is wisdom”,

This on graves did Time engrave;

Let men breath as free as you,

Souls born free you don’t enslave;

Enter Peace from top to bottom,

Checking Doom Day, grim and grave;

May Love show thee Ways of Peace,

Straight to Home of Peace, O’ brave;

Culture, Arts, Civilization,

From the War of Monsters save;

Save thyself through saving ‘others’,

God forgave him who forgave;

Who grows others, himself he,

Grows, and gets back what he gave;

Krishna, Buddha, Kanfu, Zora,

Take their ‘deeve’ and be ‘dave’

Jesus, Hussain, and Hallaj,

Smell in them what roses crave;

Knowledge City is Muhammed,

And Ali is its main Enclave;

Enter City through its Gate,

Through this short-cut Time you save;

Moses, Mary, Muhammed,

Mother Earth each ‘M’ doth crave;

Strike thy rock for Twelve Springs,

And thy strings for sweet octave;

Let the bell of “I am Time”,

Ring and steer thy nave;

Holds Qalander in his grail,

Sevens seas of wit as wave;