It is worth noting that the ancient Holy Scriptures like Bible, Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Ramayan, Gita, Dhammapadha, Gospel of Buddha, Zend-Avesta, and Analects of Confucius all contain gems of wisdom related to the creation of an earthly paradise of peace, security, and harmony on the basis of the universally accepted verities of Truth, Love, Beauty, Sublimity, Justice and Wisdom.
The world of today is in dire need of a reinterpretation of the phenomenon of Religion according to the original semantic and prophetic vision of its source in consonance with the trio of assimilation, accommodation, adjustment, and the principles of tolerance, acceptance, openness, interfaith dialogue-cum-harmony, understanding, wisdom, universal reason, truth, justice, goodness, love, beauty, creativity, imagination, rationality, balance, equilibrium, and symmetry. It is in the darkness of the violation of these values that the viruses of violence, extremism and terrorism germinate, grow and flourish, and it is in the uprooting of this root cause of this sinister growth that lies the peace, calm and tranquility of human race.